Minimalism is a positive lifestyle that is trending these days. You can incorporate it in any department of your life, whether your digital life, home decor, house layout, car, or even your
jewelry. This phenomenon suggests that you cut all the clutter from any department of your life and live a functional yet fascinating and desirable life. Further, about 925 sterling silver is an alloy of silver, and 925 means 92.5 % silver. And this number shows that the remaining percentage is an alloy, another metal.

The mixing, in this case, is good news as the pure silver is very soft and may change its shape with little force, so mixing this raw material with another metal gives it the required hardness and durability. Let’s dive into the world of sterling silver products.


Please beware that if you select a piece of jewelry, carefully see the pictures. You’ll then get an accurate idea about its real-life size.

The minimalist jewelry collection I have compiled for you.

1) Opal Stone Necklace

It is a perfect piece of multi-colored beauty that shows the radiance of a gleaming heart. It is a pendant made of a 925 sterling silver frame at its core. Furthermore, the structure is rhodium-plated. The frame is heart-shaped and has a square cut with Zirconia adorned elegantly upon it. On the sterling silver bedding sits
the heart-cut opal stone, showing its attractive light blueish and pinkish color. Also, the top of the pendant positions a circular loop from which the chain passes like a breeze. The chain has a lobster
closure. Following are the parameters of this necklace.

The pendant is 14mm in length and width
The whole piece weighs 3.2grams

Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Star Necklace

Let’s have a look at this necklace. This ultimate combo of 4 materials, mainly the cable chain, frame of the gemstones, is all 925 sterling silver coated with rhodium plating. It would be best to admire that our jewelry is rhodium-plated as it makes the piece last for a lifetime. You will get five small round cut Zirconia and one bigger star-shaped cubic Zirconia embedded in the silver frame. There is another ocean blue-colored ball of marble hanging along the chain. It comes with a lobster closure, and its size is 40cm.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Ring

We present you with this minimalistic ring featuring a silver-made four-petal lotus. You will get zirconia stones along the circumference of pure 925 sterling silver. Measure your finger at any jewelry store as we have this fascinating ring in sizes 6 to 9. This ring weighs about grams. If you have concerns about any reactions on the skin, then worry no more as the silver is rhodium-plated. The fact is that Rhodium is an element that has hypoallergenic properties. This product also offers an absolute decent look which is one of the core values of minimalism.

Sterling Silver

Oyster Pearl Studs

I recently watched the harvest of oyster pearls on YouTube and was mesmerized by their glossy material. It is essential to highlight that in this pair, the pearl is not artificial. Instead, it is natural and
created by freshwater sea creatures. And now you will acquire all of this on these studs. In addition, you may see that the pearls placed on the sterling silver make a branch-like frame. These branches are
projecting several lab-created zircon stones. Moreover, the silver frame is rhodium-plated. It is a guarantee these earrings are Nickle and lead-free. These have pushback metallic stoppers as back finding. The earrings weigh 3.9 grams each. You may gift this to the pearl of your life. Each is 12mm both in length and width.

Sterling Silver

Lotus Gemstone Studs

We know Opal stones for bringing wealth, abundance, and prosperity to the bearer. That’s why we hewed them in these earrings. You will get five teardrop shape lab-created opal stones on each earring.

Sterling Silver

Further, these stones make up the petals of the dreamy blue flower, which will uplift your mood every morning as you wear them on
your ear lobes. Also, This flower-shaped opal stone earring setting on the 925 sterling silver frame is Rhodium
plated. These earrings have Butterfly back finding. Each of
these studs has the following parameters.

1.2 grams in weight
10mm in width and length

Sterling Silver with Morganite Necklace

Gemstone lovers and mystics, this powerful stone of compassion radiating vibes is just for you. Moreover, the gemstone has an emerald cut, and it has a salmon color with a peachy hue. It is
mainly a pendant with a frame and chain of 925 stamped sterling silver core and armored with rhodium plating. Therefore, wearing this jewelry will bring the best impression out of you and showcase the class’s perfect personality trait. It has a box chain that is about 40cm in length. Morganite gem is about 8mm in length and width. The necklace weighs approximately 2.86 grams. This necklace is a part of a
jewelry set.

925 Sterling Silver jewelry


Finally, you are getting the combo of the richness of the sterling silver, the safety of the rhodium plating, spirituality of gemstones, the sparkle of Zircon, and the design of all items have the minimalistic touch. So don’t miss the chance to add these to your jewelry collection.

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