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Revisions to terms and conditions

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Your account and password

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You accept that you will inform us immediately by email to info@galojeweller.com of any illegal use of your username and password or any security violation.

Ordering products through this website

You agree to abide by our Sales and Returns policy by placing an order with this website.


You will pay for your orders by the payment methods mentioned on the website. We might change the prices of any item on this website without prior notice.

Availability and Cancellation

We will accept orders subject to product availability. We might cancel any order due to the unavailability of any item. If any item is not available for any reason, we will make it a priority to update you on this website. We reserve the right to revise the range of products ( except for orders we have confirmed) at any time without any notice to you.

We also have the right to cancel or reject your order listed with an incorrect price or incorrect information( regardless of whether or not you have paid for that item). If you have already paid for that item or product that we afterward cancel, We will reimburse the whole amount you paid for that order.

You may cancel your order any moment before we issue our acceptance confirmation for that item. However, you won’t be able to cancel your order once we have sent our confirmation of acceptance to you.

Shipping Time and charges

We will ship your item within seven Business Days once we have confirmed our acceptance of your purchase unless a specific timeframe is mentioned for a particular product.

Though, if we cannot ship within the given time, we will notify you of the expected shipping date.

Please keep in mind that we do not usually dispatch multiple orders together