Ever wonder that this life is a series of memorable events? If not, then take a break from the constant hustle-bustle of life and listen. As a human being, you are precious like precious gems and jewelry. The material jewelry, whether it is earrings or pendants, is worn to decorate your feminine, physical self, which gracefully aligns with your innermost beautiful version, this inner version only some faithful people and stoics witness. This adornment is done to make all of your scattered time into valuable moments. Sometimes it is a good idea to showcase your personality, put it in the spotlights while at others, decency and pulling ourselves back is more vital and the need of the time. As intelligent beings, we can judge a situation about that big question, what to wear from our wardrobe and what to leave.

Did you get somewhat anxious or more confident? Well, both emotions are okay because we are unique in our way. As a wise saint once said, “There is a time for fear, there is a time for safety, accept and honour both.”

Let us consider these situations.

A Friends Get together

If this is your day with school friends, the best earrings to wear are hoops. The friends with whom you have a deeper understanding and have been with them for years, Hoops, are the circles of friendship. You may get them in different colors and hues. We recommend hoops as these don’t make your friends envy your wealth and status but give a friendly vibe to your mood and personality. It’s as simple as that “Hoops are casual” well, mostly. Another thing to mesh your hoop with is funky colored enamels, or on the other side, decent colored monochrome zircon laced diamond simulants. The choice is yours.

Dinner with family

If you have planned to go for dinner in a restaurant, Stud earrings will look best if you are a girl or a young lady. Stud earrings will go on with any occasion if they are near their base structure, “the stud.” If you are a woman, chandelier earrings will go fine with your outfit. You can imagine the whole scenario, you are stepping out of a car, with your husband or a wife and your precious little gems, your children, the waiters waiting and giving you a seat. You get served with multiple dishes, and while you eat, the chandeliers start dangling and shining with a bit of family chit-chat—elegance to the finest.

Office Meetings and Work

Here we recommend you use city and chic type earrings. In reality, it depends upon your work environment, your office’s management. Like management, if your office is authoritative, you may wear Huggies or simple studs with dark blue or black colors. You may also wear cuff earrings or clip-on earrings in an office environment. Especially if you have unpierced ear lobes and don’t want to pierce soon. Even at office meetings, you don’t want to embarrass yourself by wearing a dangly earring, so do wear a stud, a leverback, an English lock, etcetera.
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Weddings and Parties

Weddings are the best time to celebrate your class and elegance. You must be, of course, invited to the wedding. And you are free to wear those dangles, teardrops, or even chandelier, a wire hook English lock. You name it! But don’t outshine the bride. Have a look at these sunflower pearl earrings.

Best Earrings At School

If you are a student, stay wearing the studs and Huggies. And if teacher, wear something sophisticated like a Wire Hook, an English lock. If you are a parent, don’t make any choice that will embarrass your child in the years to come. We recommend wearing Hoops and Huggies for going to school at a parent-teacher meeting. Do visit our e-shop for the best earrings, for we have chosen to be very creative.

Let’s talk a bit about face shapes. The ideal face shape is an oval one. Any earring will go about fine with it. Like oval face shapes, a heart-shaped face is also considered beautiful and feminine. Other shapes include round face shapes square-shaped faces. Drop earrings will do a fine job in these cases, adding length to your face. If you have short hair up to your shoulders, then any earring will look splendid on you. So do your browsing of our shop for the best earring at Galore. If you have long and voluminous hair, stud earrings won’t be visible, so wear curtain or tassel pearl earrings.


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